Tuesday, May 13, 2008

24 weeks

We made it to 24 weeks this past Sunday, which was our first goal on the road to bringing our daughter home safe and sound.

"After this week your baby is officially considered viable. 36% of babies can survive premature birth at 24 weeks - However, serious complications are still possible."

I realize that blurb sounds far from ideal, but when you're put on bed rest at 18+ weeks and no chance of viability, just having a chance is huge. Of course now we need to get to the next goal, which is 28 weeks...and her chances are much better at that point. Then 30 weeks, then 32...hang in there little girl. You need to keep cooking.

In the meantime my OB is trying to get me into the Pre Term Birth Prevention Program. It's a great program that helps monitor very high risk patients from 24 to 36 weeks. My weekly appointments have been pretty good, cervix is holding stable at about 2.7 cm (give or take a bit) and still 50% effaced but no change in a few weeks. I am borderline for meeting the criteria in the program, so my doctor will have to push them to accept me...and they still will likely say no. But it would be a great thing for me. And for all health care officials that work with me - if accepted, I'd only have one nice perinatal nurse to bother with my constant neurosis. That alone would be a big money saver for them.

Just letting everyone know, I will make a conscious decision to NOT wear a white top in any future belly pictures. I do wear other colors.


Alison said...

Katie you look GREAT!!! One week (ok, day) at a time... right!!!

Kendra said...

Congrats on this milestone, and all the best to you as you head through the next ones! Cook, Viver, cook! :)

sara said...

Congrats on the 24 week mark, that's a big one! I hope you are able to get into that program, it sounds like it would be interesting at the least. I like the picture thanks for sharing! How are you doing with the whole constant resting thing? You are a tough cookie, I would be insane!

AvaLikeLava said...

Looooooove the belly. You look great... as does she :)

She looks way too comfortable to be going anywhere, so here's hoping she'll hang in there until the full term.

ab said...

Yay Katie! Congrats on the milestone, but baby girl, you listen to your mother and keep cookin'!

Faith, the Authoress said...

Awww, Katie you are beee-autiful!