Saturday, May 3, 2008

Is it any wonder...

...that I'm confused?

Here's the problem. My pregnancy, as my doctor repeated over and over last week, is not normal. "You're not normal!" she screamed. Ok, that didn't happen but it felt like it did.

I have a shortening cervix. I have contractions daily. I have cramping daily. I've had the feeling of pressure since about 14 weeks (at the time I thought it was the baby moving. Yes, the baby that weighed less than an ounce, I thought I could feel it moving and changing position. Thus the feeling of pressure.). I have a dull ache in my back or sometimes a radiating pain in my lower back. I've been bleeding off and on since I was 10 weeks.

So here are the symptoms of preterm labor to watch out for, according to my medical provider:

  • Contractions (CALL if you have 4 in under one hour)
  • Menstrual like cramping
  • Feeling of pressure
  • A dull back ache that doesn't go away
  • Increase in discharge, could be tinged with blood
  • Leaking or gushing fluid from your vagina
With the exception of the last two, I have every symptom and have had every symptom forever. So when I innocently call my provider because it's Friday and I think I might have a bladder infection and could I just get a quick urine test so I don't end up with a raging infection on a Sunday because I refuse to go to the ER for a bladder infection, I get shuffled to the advice nurse. The advice nurse who asks all of the questions she has to ask a pregnant lady, and when all my answers come back yes (Do you have contractions? Er, yeah but I have for weeks. That's not an issue...yes cramping but that's the same. Uh-huh, well the bleeding is because I have a polyp...) she panics and tells me I need to go to Labor and Delivery. Not only that, but she won't let me get a urinalysis done anywhere else because clearly I'm in labor and need to be seen.

I need a "this is not a normal pregnancy" nurse.

Otherwise I'm going to end up in L&D every day, and it's not a short drive to the hospital.

Needless to say, I'm fine. I wasn't even having contractions except for maybe 1 or 2, and the monitor didn't pick them up anyway. I'm not dilating, cervix is about the same, blah blah. It doesn't look like I have a bladder infection, either. I'd much rather be safe than sorry, but I really don't want to hang out in Labor and Delivery unless I really need to.


sara said...

It does seem like it would be more helpful if the nurse answering your phone call knew of all the past history and what was normal or not normal for you. Because even if the L & D people are sweet as pie, you still probably would not rather spend everyday driving back and forth :-) I'm glad everything is holding "normal" or at least normal for you.

Ariella said...

This is a huge issue I have with K.aiser. The nurses don't have your chart or any info on you but are exspected to give you advice about what your body needs.

I am sorry you had to go to L&D when everything is fine and you aren't in labor.

Do you know what was causing the UTI infection symptoms? I would be concerned that you had symptoms of a UTI but they couldn't find infection.

Alison said...

Hey Katie! Thanks for the continued updates!! Keep "kicking" away Viver!!

Michell said...

So I get the initial freak out but you would think that she would like get your chart or something and see what your normal is. Especially after you stating this had been going on.