Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bye, bye engagement ring

The time has come.

I had to take my engagement ring off this morning. I still have my wedding band, which is a little bigger and I'm hoping I can keep it on for the duration. But my beautiful, sentimental and wonderful engagement ring lies lonely in my jewelry box for now.

Sadly, I thought I wouldn't have to ever take it off. Why, I have no can't gain over 20 pounds by 29 weeks (I think I'll refrain from saying how many over 20 pounds for now) and not see the effects on your hands and feet. But it's like it happened over night. Suddenly, my feet look like little potatoes, and my rings are way too tight.

Well, here's hoping I don't outgrow my wedding band any time soon.


shawna said...

I read on the nest that you are an advocate for ICSI. Did you have a male factor?
I am triggering tonight with 6 follicles, and one of those looked really small. I asked my doctor about doing ICSI, because it surely can't hurt. He said that we didn't need because our SA is okay, notice he didn't say great. He said that we could if we really wanted to spend the extra money, but he did not recommend it. I still have this nagging feeling that it would be best.
Okay, sorry for the novel. I just wanted to know if you chose ICSI or was it the lab's choice.
Good Luck you you BTW!

sara said...

Happy 29 weeks! I'm sorry about the engagement ring not fitting. I'm already getting nervous because at 15 weeks mine already feels tight. Yikes! Here's to both of our wedding bands fitting for several more weeks :-)