Monday, June 30, 2008

FFN = Negative = WOO!

I knew when I woke up at 2am wondering if I could get away with taking some bleach and a toothbrush to the tile grout in our bathroom that could be considered nesting and not a good sign for someone barely 31 weeks pregnant....

So I had to return to L&D on Saturday. I tracked contractions for about 12 hours, and they were consistently 5 minutes apart...except for about a 1 hour stretch where they were 20 minutes apart, that I was really hoping would last, but of course, it didn't.

I didn't want to go, because I figured it was the same situation as just days before. But at the same time, I couldn't just assume that - what if, God forbid, I was in labor? I couldn't jeopardize my daughter's well being just because I don't want to make a trip that will likely be a waste.

So off we went. A much shorter trip than last time, and we had a great OB that talked to us about everything and really understood my history, so we were in good hands. She decided to do the FFN test, a test that can determine with about 99% accuracy that you are not going to deliver within the next 7-14 days. Basically if that came back positive, I would have been admitted while they watched for changes to my cervix. But if it was negative, we were free to go, despite all the contractions. Even though my contractions have a clear labor pattern, they are considered false labor as long as the contractions don't change the cervix.

Aaannnd, it was negative! So the good - no great - news is that little miss will likely hold on until I hit 32-33 weeks, hopefully longer. The bad news is I get to experience pseudo labor until then, meaning I have contractions constantly now and they freaking hurt. I see women 39 weeks pregnant asking things like, "Is this a contraction" on my message boards and I glare at the screen. Not that it's their fault they've had uncomplicated pregnancies, or haven't had the joy of tracking contractions since they were 4 1/2 months pregnant, but it's just a reminder that we haven't had one ounce of normalcy in this entire process. From infertility, to miscarriage, to pregnancy loss to a high risk pregnancy that at this point is bordering on becoming an episode for Discovery Health's "Mystery Diagnosis" show, we just haven't experienced anything "normal" and sometimes, it's annoying. This is our journey, we accept it and laugh about it as much as possible, but it doesn't mean I don't internally complain once in a while.

On our way home from one of our L&D trips, I told Chris, "You know, I hear some people just get pregnant (I also heard this was achieved from having sex but since I wouldn't know about that first hand I don't want to run around telling tales out of school), have their monthly appointments where they don't even have to take their pants off, then one day when their full term start having contractions, go to the hospital and have a baby. That's it."

He said he didn't believe me.


sara said...

That body of yours has been keeping you way too busy the last few days! I'll have a talk with it and tell it to give you a break, okay? Sorry about the second weekend L & D run, and I'm so glad the FFN came back negative. I love your last paragraph! I told my husband the exact same thing this weekend and he laughed...great minds think alike, huh? Mine kind of went like I can't even envision just saying lets have a baby, having sex, getting pregnant, having routine appointments and 9 months later the kid comes out. Wouldn't you love it if it were just that easy?

Kendra said...

Oh, sure, like that would make a funny blog! (And it's really just about entertaining us, your adoring public, right?!?) Hang in there little 'viver! And hang in there Katie. :)

rosemary said...

I loved the ffn tests. So much they asked me to be a spokesperson for them - no, really. The absolute pinnacle of dubious honors.

I also had zillions of contractions the last month or two (and went to 36 weeks). Hang in there!

Kim said...

You're in good company! I must say, though, that it seems your doctors are much more concerned than mine... and I'm jealous!

sara said...

Hey there girl - is all still quiet on your end? I was thinking of ya and hoping that you are having a boring week after the holiday :-)