Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hit me with your best shot

(I guess I'd be talking to myself by saying "Hit me with your best shot" since I have to give myself these injections).
November 18th marked my very first shot of Lupron. Easy, easy, easy. The Lupron shots are with little insulin syringes, they're like the starter syringe for the whole process. Nothing like the what seem like hundreds of the other syringes I have for the other meds that really do resemble a dart. I shit you not, a dart. Like the ones you throw at a dart board, dart. Anyhow, these little Lupron shots are nothing. I'm quite used to them now. Although I did have a panic moment a few days after I started...things like "Why am I not getting any headaches? Why don't I feel any side effects? Oh my gawd, I'll bet I'm not even getting any liquid in the needle! I'm just injecting air! I've ruined this cycle, I've ruined our lives, I've ruined everything!" IVF can make you a little crazy. So now each time after I give myself a shot, I make sure I squeeze out the tiny little droplet that's left after the injection so that I feel better knowing there definitely was liquid in there. This prevents me from trying to get the old syringes out of my bio-hazard storage container like I did a few days ago. FYI, that top doesn't come off. Easily, anyway.

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Ariella said...


I am so glad you have decided to blog about your IVF, I really find bloging it the only way NOT to go crazy sometimes. My fingers are crossed for you.