Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"OH! Hiiiiiiiii"

Isn't it awkward to run into someone you know at the RE's office?

This morning hubby and I were on the couch in the waiting room when the door opened. Following standard infertility clinic waiting room protocol, I did not look up. For whatever reason, this seems to be how you are supposed to behave, so that's what I do. Well, the person walking in did not follow the rule.

Her: "Katie?"
Me: [frozen] silence. A little too long goes by and I realize I wasn't hearing things. I look up. "OH! Hiiiiiiiiii" - a really awkward, drawn out hi.

It was my old boss, one I had a very volatile personal and professional relationship with and haven't seen or spoken to in over 5 years. Back then she wasn't exactly lucky in love, so I was surprised to see her in an infertility clinic...and automatically thought she was doing IUI's with donor sperm (I'm so bad) until I saw the blinding flash of light from her hand and realized she's now married. She went on to tell me her brother and his wife conceived twins at this clinic via IUI, at which point our names were called and it was time for us to head in to our appointment. She said something else about twins and in my awkwardness I think I crossed my fingers and wagged them in front of my face as I walked through the door. I have no idea what possessed me to do that. I'm hoping for one, not twins! Of course we'd be thrilled, blah blah, but I have no idea why I made that gesture. The last gesture she saw from me.

So on to our regularly scheduled programming. Our baseline ultrasound was good, we're set to start stims on Thursday. Hubby got his lesson on the shots since these are all going to be intramuscular, which was news to me. I assumed they'd be subcutaneous like my easy peasy Lupron, but it's not. Hubs will be fine, I'm sure. I have a pretty big tattoo of a carousel horse on my uh, hip area, that will serve as a great guide for hubs to use for injections. The medical assistant said "Perfect! Just inject it into the horse's head!" Which, when you think about it, it better than her telling him to inject it into the horse's ass. 'Cause that could be taken a couple different ways. Har har har....


Hekateris said...

Yeesh, I'm so glad that's never happened to me...gah, what a nightmare.

Sorry your injections are IM!! Any particular reason why?

IVF 4 Dummies said...

Hi hekateris -
I think they are IM because one of the drugs I'm using is Repronex and me RE prefers IM injections with Repronex. If they adjust my protocol after my blood work and/or u/s, and I don't have to do Repronex any longer, I can just use the Follistim pen subq.