Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Official - - - Retrieval is Sunday!

At 8:30am precisely...Chris won't even have to miss a bit of the football games!

I'm already pondering my post-retrieval meal. Since I've had to cut out all my enjoyable vices for this cycle, I have developed a rather odd obsession with eating. But, since I'm so bloated I can only eat a little bit. It's odd. I day dream about the food and then get a couple bites in before I can't eat any more.

This morning's appointment went well, uterine lining looks great, which is such a nice change. I'm used to the "eh.....well...." response to "how does my lining look?". In fact, Dr. R even commented that my uterus looks great. I blushed. So rare for my reproductive organs to get so many compliments! I've responded well to the meds, and she's thinking she'll get 10-12 eggs on Sunday. Now it's just step by step. Transfer will likely be Wednesday.

Tonight is the trigger at exactly 8:30pm, which will be no big deal for us since all of our other meds have been IM shots. Good news, my ass gets a break for tomorrow - no shots! It's my only day off for the whole month. I should take my ass somewhere nice to celebrate.


Hekateris said...

I recommend some protein, some salad, and lots of treats, like cheesecake or cake or chocolate or hot chocolate or pumpkin pie...y'know, treats.

Ariella said...

Good Luck K! Your in my thoughts and prayers!