Monday, December 3, 2007

A weekend full of needles.

How was my weekend? Pretty prickly.

Friday - morning shots, evening shots
Saturday am - morning shot
Saturday later am - acupuncture
Saturday pm - evening shots
Sunday am - morning shot
Sunday later am - blood draw at the clinic
Sunday pm - evening shots

There are people that do IVF that have a phobia of needles. A real phobia of needles. I don't have a needle phobia (although I might be developing one), but I do have a rather severe bird phobia and I'm not sure if IVF involved the use of birds in any way that I could do it. I think if someone said, "Ok, so in the morning a bird will peck you in a head a couple times, then you're going to sit in a room full of birds flying around for about an hour and a half, then in the evening we'll have the bird peck you a few more times, the following day we'll have you come to our office where we will have the bird peck at you some more, then you'll head home and set up for your evening pecks. You'll repeat this cycle daily for about a month. Sound good?" No.

On a clinical note, my E2 (estradiol) level was checked on Sunday and my level is "great, doing exactly what we want it to" (have I mentioned my clinic doesn't give specifics? Which on one hand I don't like being in the dark, but on the other hand I know this is for the best. Had they given me the actual E2 number I would have logged a few hours on google analyzing that number from every possible angle, then spent another several hours reviewing that data over and over in my head and essentially making myself a stress case over it. Even though they tell me it's good.) so all seems to be going well so far. My acupuncturist said my right ovary has a lot of activity, left ovary, eh - not so much. My left ovary I have for a long time not-so-fondly referred to it as "The Dud." I'm hoping it eventually wakes up since I really could use those follicles. Like really, really need those follicles. Righty can only do so much by herself.

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