Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My new best friends:

Lidocaine Gel

The combination of these two have made the shots tolerable. I feel a little weenie-esq having to resort to numbing action before my shots, but dammit, my ass can only take so much. I am now very jealous of the IVF'ers that do all subcutaneous shots. They were really hurting, my poor husband was developing a complex, something had to be done. I was getting extremely bitchy right before the shot (I attribute some of this to the migraine I have had since Saturday...the feeling of a vice on your head plus shooting pain behind the eye is bound to make the sweetest person cranky, and I'm not the sweetest person to begin with), and as he started the injection, I was beginning to make a scene. A scene that started with me taking a noticeable deep breath in anticipation, then kind of yelling "Fucccckkk" as the injection started, then snapping at him that he needs to put pressure on it right after the shot. I'm laying face down when I get my shots, so I can't see his face but I'm sure it has been a combination of wincing for fear of hurting his wife, and grimacing that his wife hasn't learned to shut up and take it while he's giving a shot. Not like it's fun for him. Well, maybe if I'm uber cranky he gets a touch of satisfaction, but I doubt it.

I have to mention that our cat has now taken an interest in the shots and I personally feel he is concerned about his mom's well being as he watches dad inject a big needle into mom's ass. Chris says he's fascinated by the alcohol pad. I like my theory better.

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